Potentiate scheduling

Include more appointments per day to make the most of your employees' workloads, mileage, and more, with optimized scheduling tools.

  • Send the right technician and improve your fix rates the first time.
  • Reallocate your resources quickly as new work orders arrive.
  • Simplify dispatches with map views and views.

Team Your Mobile Workforce

Give your technicians everything they need, in native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, to provide great field service.

  • Provide real-time customer information and guidance.
  • Enable technicians to use credit card readers, RFID and bar codes.
  • Remotely process job requests, including signature collection.

Profit from predictive services

Switch from a traditional maintenance and repair model to a more profitable and flawless service model with data collection, analysis and integrated alerts.

  • Easily connect any feature to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.
  • Get remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Automate remote fixes to minimize technical visits.

Start with smarter field service features


Optimize scheduling

Provide tools to help your team schedule appointments and send the right resources. Field Service includes tools for service representatives and dispatchers, plus an automated tool that schedules appointments for them. Thus, it is easy to include more appointments each day.

Service Contracts

Facilitate the management of all service contracts, including periodic contracts and service calls, installed products and warranties, for all customers and locations. Field service management tools help improve service delivery and find ways to increase revenue.

Inventory management

Give your team everything they need to manage inventory in multiple locations, including warehouses, warehouses and trucks. Real-time updates mean your inventory is always accurate. So you can better track your service inventory with fewer casualties and create better forecasts.

Mobile Productivity

Improve the productivity of your technicians by providing native mobile applications with real-time and offline data. No matter what device they are using, they will have the customer information and guidance they need. And administrators can centrally manage all users and devices.

Connected Devices

Reduce costs by sending technicians only when needed. Field service management tools help your team remotely troubleshoot and troubleshoot. And the connected devices in the field help them see and solve problems even before customers detect them.

Customer communications

Put customers in the center of each interaction. Using the client portal, in addition to interoperability with the Glympse and Twilio APIs, you can provide a complete view of the cases, a live map and a technician photo on the way, as well as updates via text messages and phone calls.

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