We want to change the paradigm of how business units and technology develop and deliver digital processes. Our approach to the solution is focused on rapid and constant experimentation to accelerate the digital transformation in business.

Agility in the implementation of its process models; Scalable and flexible platform

Integration with various systems

Mobility and user experience performance

Unified data records in one place


Document and detail the business processes of your organization.


Autonomy of the business user to develop solutions based on process automation without the need of coding! The flow of activities and rules modeled composes the basic structure that will be compiled and translated into software.

Process Flows

From design to solution, the design is developed jointly between business and IT with the BPM system, creating the perfect application for your organization's need.


Perform modeling that focuses on performance and data organization.

Be agile to make decisions with:

  • Quality of information
  • Convergence of data that generate information
  • Knowledge of the situation with structured and unstructured information
  • Increasing the productivity of the work team with the expansion of the concept of collaboration: social


Is integrating everything an important premise for you?

Orquestra legacy and external systems so they communicate and share information. The Lecom Platform is compatible with the main databases of the market that accelerate the realization of integrations with the most used applications in the market. The technology team matures the automated process by developing a layer of services around the process to orchestrate legacy systems, new applications, and databases.

Rethink your service architecture around business processes by seeking greater reuse of your code and faster speed to adapt to changes. In more complex cases, the platform also supports integration with leading ESBs on the market.

Accelerate your projects by re-using pre-defined services to interact with the top applications on the market.

Develop specific registers and applications to create differentiated experiences for the user. Develop your code in a flexible way, interacting with the objects in the automated process.

Provide BPM platform functionality and even automated process activity as services in REST and SOAP standards for use by other systems and platforms.