CSP – Cloud Solution Provider

UNIDAX is Microsoft's partner in licensing Cloud Computing solutions such as Dynamics 365 (ERP + CRM), Office 365, Power BI, Azure and all other online products, accredited to offer the hiring model via CSP - Cloud Solution Provider.

The CSP model allows companies to purchase licenses for Microsoft (subscription) products online such as Dynamics 365 and Office 365, paying only for monthly usage and acquiring this direct licensing from UNIDAX.

This model allows our customers to be organized in relation to the investments they need to make. They can start with a smaller operation, paying less, having the time and flexibility to be able to manage and make the financial planning of the next steps of the evolution of your business.

Flexibility is one of the highlights of the licensing model via CSP, because when you talk about software, contracting models are usually focused on acquisition, with a certain period of time, and customers are forced to use a good part of their budget to ensure the hiring and acquisition of the solution that will become obsolete prematurely in the face of the evolution and dynamics of the corporate world.

Being able to make a monthly payment for a solution like Dynamics 365 and Office 365, for example, can certainly be strategic for managers because they can do budget engineering according to the forecasts of their business evolution, analyzing the performance of the semester or the year. For example, if a retailer has a small year-round operation but has a peak sales season, he can schedule himself quietly months before the budget and in the time needed to increase his sales operation, your call center to meet demand with the support of Dynamics 365 or even the infrastructure features like memory, hd's, servers, paying exactly for what you're using and not having disbursements with larger investments that may become underutilized or "obsolete" .

The CSP model is innovative in Brazil and UNIDAX is accredited in this licensing model with Microsoft, reinforcing the positioning of the Cloud Computing offerings, which aim to offer the best technology solutions with costs that are accessible to all types of clients.