BPM (Business Process Management)

We work in all areas of organizations, such as: IT, Purchasing / Supply, Commercial, Administrative, Financial, HR, Product Development, Quality, among other departments.

Our consulting, advisory, management and process improvement services, based on BPM best practices, aim to:

  • Introduce the concept into the process-based management organization and how to evolve it throughout its consolidation path

  • Integrated management of information, due to the ease of integration with other management systems (ERP) used

  • Reduction of costs involving the execution of activities, with a view to rationalization and time invested

  • Streamline the company's activities through the automation of workflows

  • Control of processes and identification of bottlenecks, due to the registration of information of all steps inherent in the processes

  • Increased process quality

  • High level of administrative management and audit of processes

  • Reduced time in process management as a result of the mobility of the internet and mobile devices

  • Support in the process of dissemination of a culture focused on continuous and sustainable process improvement

The main activities we carry out are:

  • Mapping and review of processes

  • Suggestions for improvements aimed at reducing the resources involved (material and human)

  • Design of processes in flowchart format (diagnosis and optimization) with BPMN tool

  • Documentation of proceedings procedures

  • Automation of existing processes (BPMS), making them simpler, faster, more efficient and more efficient, with a significant reduction in operating costs, by making better use of their financial, human and technological resources

  • Training programs for managers, users and IT specialists

We have as differentials:

  • Own methodology

  • BPMS Tool for Process Automation and Productivity

  • ROI analysis in the first few weeks